Student Lounge

2nd year of university we were tasked to create a television show using the industry standard  HD studio on campus. the brief was simple, create a 20 minute television show, the creativity, set design, acting, pre and post production was all down to us.

I was labeled producer of the show and thus my role was to oversee most aspects of the production. Our first role was to come up with an idea for the show, one thing I felt very strongly about was to play to our strengths, to not try and be something we were not, we are students and obviously we don’t have a big budget. This in mind the ‘student lounge’ was created, our set was simple, two large wall panels covered in posters, mismatched furniture, and rubbish everywhere, just like your typical students lounge, genius.

Much of the inspiration came from examples like ‘T4’ or other sofa based shows like ‘this morning’ or ‘Johnathan Ross’ where a collaboration of live music, pre-recoded inserts, guest interviews are all common practice within the show.

I will admit that much of the success was down to the team I was working along side, we all took ours roles from camera man to hosts very seriously and the outcome speaks for its self.

(extended insert from student lounge, apologies for the sound in parts, our first experience filming water sports outside against the elements, we definitely learned some lessons…and yes I was really that bad at wake boarding)