Media Technology BSc

Media Technology BSc at Bournemouth University

Media technology has developed at a phenomenal rate in the last decade. Advances in micro-technology have enabled , media devices to shrink in size, but increase in functionality and quality of presentation and output. bulky cassette players which evolved into personal CD players have now transformed  into MP3 and iPod players. The development of the internet and advancements in technology have made it possible for many media systems to be integrated and used for entertainment as well as their original purpose. It is now possible to watch interactive television programmes through the internet, play computer games in a distributed environment and listen to music via the internet through mobile phones or wireless digital entertainment systems. In addition, the availability of tools and techniques has made it possible to generate digital audio, animation and videos for use in a wide variety of applications.

This has generated a need for technology professionals, who are able to use appropriate tools and techniques to integrate and manage entertainment systems for a variety of applications. My course enabled me to gather a broad knowledge and understanding of computer systems as well as characteristics or processors, storage devices and multimedia networks capable of handling audio and video data. I also developed a knowledge of software tools, standards and protocols enabling me to design and integrate entertainment systems in theatre settings.

Course Content:

Year 1

  • Sound, music and multimedia fundamentals
  • Software programming
  • Change and oppertunity
  • Audio and video principles
  • Studio techniques 1
  • Computer devices architecture and networks

year 2

  • Audio and video authoring
  • Multimodal interactions
  • Programming for graphics, animations and games
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Studio techniques (TV & Radio)
  • Innovation and developing solutions

year 3

  • Final year project
  • Media technology (TV & Radio)
  • Digital media, animation and graphics
  • Management strategies and entrepreneurship

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