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Centre parks

Koreas Got Talent

Koreas version of the Britons Got Talent sounds way better and is complete with way better sob storys…

Lets talk about.. Japanese music..?

It came to my attention a while ago that with varying cultures comes different ideas of how music can be. In the same way they embrace our music I think its time we started listing to what they have to say, because I can asure you it makes perfect sense despite the language barrier.

Here is a selection of just some of my tracks from various bands/artists from Japan…

SOIL & “PIMP” Sessions – Satsuriku New Wave

Soil and Pimp coined the phrase ‘death jazz’ to describe their form of intense Japanese jazz club music. For someone who came from a strictly guitar bassed musical upbringing this stuff blew my mind. Perhaps it was the fact I never knew people could take the saxophone and trumpet to such an incredible level, their deceiving intros launch their songs in to a visual journey  which makes you want jump out of your seat, yet equally perhaps only in my ears is actually quite soothing and relaxing.

PE’Z – Akatsuki


Maximum The Hormone – Koi No Mega Lover

Rie fu – 2cm

Perfume – Dream Fighter




Meet and Seat Program

This ‘seems’ like a good idea, but I know what/who I would be wanting to sit next to, and what if you’re sitting alone …

KLM launches Meet and Seat Program

“KLM launches Meet and Seat Program

KLM has finally launched its Meet and Seat program that will allow passengers to choose their seat mates before their intercontinental flights in what KLM calls the first truly social seating system for airlines. The system will match customer’s social profiles with those having similar profiles or interests. After booking your flight, you can view other passengers’ LinkedIn and Facebook profiles by logging into the system with either of them. What the system has done is integrate LinkedIn and Facebook into the flight booking process to enable you connect with people of shared interests. You can choose which interests you would like to share for example First Name, Second Name, University, Company you work for, Interests, Reason for travel, languages spoken and then you will be able to view other passengers’ profiles.”  (http://sky-today.com/klm-launches-meet-and-seat-program/)

The Artistic Bike Ride

Recently I went on a bike ride round Bournemouth with my friends Dan and Adam.

Dan is what they call an artist, I no this because he draws a lot.

Here is a small collection of some of his art from our little adventure.